About us

About us

The Department of "Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Engineering" (SAGE) of the Mines Douai Engineering School and Research Center in Douai, France has ongoing research activities focused on atmospheric chemistry, air quality and the impacts of human activities on atmospheric composition. It has currently a staff of about 50 people including 15 full-time faculty members. Research projects aim at a better understanding of the physical and chemical processes involved in the formation, transport and aging/transformation of gaseous and particulate pollutants in the outdoor or indoor atmosphere.

The primary objectives of our Department are: (i) to characterize pollutants and identify their sources through field campaigns in various environments, (ii) to determine their fate in the atmosphere, with a special focus on their impacts on health and ecosystems, and (iii) to develop innovative air treatment processes to improve air quality. The SAGE department also develops analytical methods and sensor techniques allowing to conduct laboratory and field-based studies.


Department Secretariat :
Ms. Frejek : veronique.frejek@mines-douai.fr
Ms. Taille : sandrine.taille@mines-douai.fr

Head of Department
Prof. Patrice CODDEVILLE
Phone: (33) 327 712 636 – Email: patrice.coddeville@mines-douai.fr

Associate Head (Research)
Prof. Nadine LOCOGE
Phone: (33) 327 712 619 – Email: nadine.locoge@mines-douai.fr

Associate Head (Academic)
Phone: (33) 327 712 611 – Email: andre.wroblewski@mines-douai.fr